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HopOn truck bridging services


Access to the largest base of truck owners & drivers across 20 states


Shortest turnaround time to find the best match for your needs


Set your price


Convenience add-ons: digital invoice, vehicle tracking, etc.

Truck Owners & Drivers


HopOn shipper bridging services


Maximize your turns per month for every vehicle you own. Find the best match for your vehicle on preferred routes at preferred rates


Small flat fees for every successful match irrespective of load size. No commission as a percentage


Negotiate price directly (no middlemen)


Best return load match in the industry. Access to 1000s of real-time load requirements across the country


HopOn is a one stop platform to connect Agents directly with Truck Owners to help one avoid multiple calls looking for the right match. Truck Owners can also publish truck availability to agents directly.
No. HopOn works only with Agents and Truck Owners and matches demand and supply. Fulfillment and other aspects of the load has to be done by the Agent/Truck owner directly. Technology tools are available to Agent/Truck owners to track the trip (if required).
Once HopOn connects the Agent with the Truck Owner, the rest of the process continues to remain the same as its today(without HopOn).
No, HopOn doesn't guarantee. HopOn broadcasts the load requirements to matching(tonnage, route, etc) Truck Owners available in the system. With HopOn's vast Truck driver/owner memership, its's unlikely an agent's request will go unnoticed.
Agent can request for a another driver on the platform. HopOn's customer service staff can also assist the agent in emergency cases.

Agent can convey his experience (good or bad) by rating the trucker for a load. Our system will take into consideration next time there's a request posted
No. HopOn does not provide any Insurance currently.
Post matching of the Agent with the Truck Owners, it's upto the individuals to mutually coordinate and sort out differences if any. HopOn shall help resolving the issues but does not assure/guarantee resolution of any issues.
Currently, HopOn doesn't have a payment feature. But this feature is in the product roadmap and can be advanced if needed.
No, the responsibility of getting the consignment delivered has to be coordinated with Agents and Truck Owners.HopOn can provide Customer Service assistence if reguired.
HopOn can broadcast same request to nearby truckers on behalf of Agent to look for a backup truck.
HopOn works with Agents in order to reduce the phone call coordination between multiple agents and truck owners. HopOn charges INR 100/- per load match from the Truck owner.
No. HopOn does not own any trucks.
Not currently. But this feature is in the roadmap.
No, HopOn does not. There is a plan to add escrow services in a future release. An agent who has delayed payment of a prior trip would be blocked.
Truck Owner has to resolve this with the Agent. HopOn's customer service can assit/facilitate the issue.

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